Tzaddi and the Star

About Us

We are a religious organization devoted to helping individuals attain enlightenment. Our species is currently facing a spiritual crisis that could permanently alter our destiny. Today's world leaders are wholly opposed to freedom and prosperity, maliciously intent on thwarting any betterment of the human condition, and especially any spiritual advancement among the masses. While a Great Awakening is occurring, many are still swayed by the false smiles and empty promises of politicians whose overinflated, deformed egos force them to believe they are there to rule the people rather than serve them. With the ever-accelerating advances in technology, humanity could be facing a wonderful, utopian future where there is a lack of want and need, or a hellish, technologically driven prison existence in which the human soul is discarded. Each individual has the responsibility to cultivate his or her own soul to the extent one is able, thereby freeing each individual spiritually, and Ordo Magnum Opus is established to assist in that task. Each individual who attains spiritual enlightenment is capable of uniting with nature and natural law and discerning for himself or herself what is right or wrong, rather than being guided by leaders motivated by hatred and greed into a condition of corporate fascist slavery.