Who We Are
Tzaddi and the Star

The human species is on the threshold of major evolutionary change. One need only view the evolution of the human mind to conclude unequivocally that humanity is undergoing a fundamental change in its collective psyche. The rise of social deviance and anarchy may be examples of this change at this point in history, but they are far from the cause. Consider the evolutionary leap our species took approximately 2500 years ago when the average human being stopped functioning using only the Unconscious and began utilizing Consciousness.

Unfortunately for the human race, with the advent of Consciousness (i.e., the ability to metaframe), a new epoch in human development was born. This epoch has been a dark age of corruption and depravity, typified by deception, brutality, and a denial of life's joyousness. With the ability to consciously metaframe came the separation of human from nature as the birth of an internal dialogue hindered contact with divinity.

Beginning over a century ago, humanity began its first steps towards our next evolutionary step. The scientific exploration of the human mind, spurred by the ever-increasing advancements in the field of communications, served as a springboard for this task. Very few yet realize how profoundly the ability to mass produce books, followed by the invention of the telephone, and now the internet, has transformed the human psyche. The corrupt, now obsolete leaders of the last aeon, still in charge through their dishonest manipulation of the financial world, are using every technological advantage at their disposal to retard the amazing capabilities of the minds of the masses, in an attempt to usher in global corporate fascism that will stop the psychic evolution of the masses, while the anachronistic parasite class remains the overlords of humanity. Each individual who attains spiritual enlightenment is capable of uniting with nature and natural law and discerning for himself or herself what is right or wrong, rather than being guided by leaders motivated by hatred and greed into a condition of corporate fascist slavery.

The mission of Ordo Magnum Opus, simply put, is to assist individuals in the enlightenment process, thereby freeing each individual spiritually, as well as assisting in the evolution of the human species. Thanks to today's widespread ignorance of the laws of nature, coupled with the agenda of the parasite class who currently hold political power throughout the world, progress has been slow thus far. Correcting the former obstacle will assure victory over the latter. Please join us in this Great Work.